Income Generation

GNI implemented income generation programs that reflect regional economic opportunities. In 2016 this included support for agricultural technology, livestock loans, small enterprise loans, and the creation of cooperatives. We helped increase of the incomes of local communities by improving domestic production of crops, introducing high-profit crops, and by providing technical assistance for appropriate technology and marketing. GNI expanded the scope of its income generation programs this past year from simply supporting production activities to improving the ability of people to market their goods and services.

Entrepreneurship Training; 1.206 people
This training activity is carried out by the GNI assisted areas (CDP) with several themes including; (Source: IG 2016 Project Report Series)

  1. Integrated Training of Fertilizer and Food Manager held in Borong CDP
  2. Entrepreneurship Training entitled: "Kisses Eksis Entrepreneurship Without Pessimistic", held in Bogor CDP
  3. Training of Banana Management for Women Group, conducted at Bogor CDP
  4. "Livestock Training and Consultation of Problems About Garut Sheep Garut", held in Bogor CDP
  5. Training on "opaque & soy milk" food production conducted at Cakung CDP
  6. Basic Training of Production Design, conducted at Enrekang CDP
  7. Natural Agriculture Training, held at Janeponto CDP
  8. Training of Making Chicken Meat & Tempe Production, conducted at Lombok CDP
  9. Training of Chili Cultivation & agricultural training and management, conducted in West Manggarai CDP
  10. Handicraft & Education Training Family financial management, conducted in Medan Belawan CDP
  11. Product Innovation Training & Marketing Strategy implemented at Menteng CDP
  12. Business Motivation Training was conducted in Meulaboh CDP
  13. Goat Cow Training is held in Sukabumi CDP

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